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Temperatures are generally 70ā€“75 degrees but typically cooler at night.

PGA National Resort & Spa
400 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33148

Yes, air travel plus all ground transportation in Florida once you arrive in West Palm Beach (PBI)

Dress is comfortable & casual - we will be outside quite a bit. We ask that men bring a sports jacket for dinner on Saturday night, comparable attire for ladies at Ironwood.

This is entirely up to you - many golfers prefer to have their own, especially if they play often.

Yes indeed ā€“ but we encourage you to relax!

Early afternoon arrival on Thursday, 3/5 is ideal. Departures will be scattered on Sunday morning, 3/8. Our travel department will be handling these arrangements with you directly based on your preferences and availability. Please note these when you register online at METSRADIOEVENTS.COM.

Bring the 4 Sā€™sā€¦ some shorts, a sweater, a swim suit and a smile.

This is an "invitation only" experience for our Mets Radio business partners and advertisers.

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